S.M BURE – Portable Fogging Machine

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Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Types Thermal, ULV FOOGGER, ULV
Temperature -15~25 Deg. Cel.
Spray Volume 50L/H~98L/H
Consumption of Fuel 1.5L/H
Fuel Tank 1.5L~2L
Weight 12Kg



  • Strong injection and ultra-low volume spraying function ensures the penetration and diffusion of the drug to fine areas
  • Applicable for cleaning the internal area of computer(PCB), bedding, display cupboard, and every corner of any other places that are commonly inaccessible
  • Applicable to any place where instantaneous drying is required, such as automobile interior, filter, etc.
  • It allows for applying or spraying various chemicals, such as insecticide, germicide, freshener, antibiotic, resistant and nutritional supplements, microorganisms, and so on in several ways including instantaneous moisturizing, water-based or oil-based, etc.
  • It can be used by the event company for balloon decoration and ad balloon, etc. with its strong air
  • Applicable to air drying, air cleaning, etc.
Applications (Space of Utility for Space Purifying System)
  • Public Office: Health Center, Public Facility, Contaminated Area
  • Education Facility: School, Library, Child Care Facility
  • Medical Facility: Hospital, Postnatal Care Center
  • Commercial Facility: Hotel, Theater, PC Cafe, Fast Food Restaurant, Event(Balloon Decoration) Company, Restaurant, etc.
Application Range By Workplaces

It can be applied to public office, kindergarten, school, factory, apartment, place for education, garden, lodging, church, temple, hotel, theater, hospital, cattle shed, Event(Ballon Decoration) Company, public institute, etc. for multi-purpose disinfection/sterilization, cleaning, and relief of agricultural crop from disease and harmful insects.

Embodiment of Space Defense
  • Excellent space efficiency: Enables wide range of space treatment in a short period of time through innovative ultra-low volume injection
  • Handy use and convenience: Enables convenient use through its compact and lightweight profile With a simple replacement of chemical, it provides the solution of sterilization/insecticide/deodorization/Sick New House Syndrome
  • Excellent economy: Enables efficient application to wide spaces, thus reducing labor coat and drug expense.


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